Matt soft touch and bright glossy: two low-cost finishes for every need.

design and functionality

Ocritech® is an acrylic based material, known for its unique features as lightness, strength and pleasant touchDue to its easy sanitization, it is ideal for application in the bathroom.

Ocritech® is versatile and ideal for installation because, it is light and therefore easy to move, as well as easy to work on site using standard tools.

Both in its thermoformed or built applications it always maintains the physical and aesthetic characteristics required by the customer.
Thanks to these qualities Ocritech® has been used for over 10 years for the realization of washbasins, bathtubs, shower trays, shower columns and other bathroom accessories:
a real ally for the realization of projects with democratic design.


resistance and lightness

Thanks to its weight of only 1.19g/cm3 Ocritech® is one of the lightest materials in the sector and it is ideal for the development of projects with a refined and sustainable design both economically and environmentally.

Strength and lightness are the combination that unites the new high-tech materials, and Ocritech® is fully part of it as it resists against shocks, scratches, impacts, temperature variations and yellowing.

Not only pure white

Ocritech® is available in white shade with soft touch matt finish or bright glossy.
Matt finish is also available in graphite, taupe and vanilla.


Technical features

for designers

Workable both with thermoforming or assembling process

Ligh and easy to move and install

Workable on site with standard tools

Resistant to temperature variations

UV resistant

for users

It can be easily sanitized and disinfected

Matt or glossy surface with pleasant touch

scratches and shocks resistant surface

resistant to yellowing

easy maintenance

for the environment

Use of green energy for production

Low CO2 consumption due to the lightness of the products

recyclable material at the end of its life